Two Years since releasing their rock/guitar heavy album "Le System D" the Nordeast hip team of Big Jess and MaD SoN along with their St. Paul DJ, Willy Lose, are back with "World Premier 2" (WP2.) The album takes it's name from the groups first official album together, World Premier, released back in 2000.


WP2 is an album inspired by fans and supporters of the Unknown Prophets who longed for an album reminiscent of the first World Premier. The album is full of classical music parts that producer/MC Big Jess chopped and reconstructed over classic boom bap drums. "Everyday" uses a catchy sample from the late Nate Dogg and delves into the serious issues that surround the UPs current neighborhood in North Minneapolis. Doomtree super producer Lazerbeak lends his skills to produce "Both Fists Up", a song about the tension and conflicts that grew between two close friends.


Newcomer Chickenbone produces the hard hitting "Higher Ground" and Cryphy DJ Last Word produced the track "Nowhere", an almost nostalgic song about the Twin Cities hip hop scene. And then there are the crowd pleasing anthems, "Louder", "Take it Back", and "Food for Thought" which bring a balance to the UPs more serious and mellow tracks like "Bring It On" and "New Day".








(Self Released, Dec. 2009)


The spirit of "write it like you live it" hip-hop seems have a true home within the state lines of Minnesota these days, radio rap blinded by shiny objects and underground artists leaning on dark times and themes. Fans across the country who crave an actualized medium between the two styles probably know to take cover in famous Twin Cities rhyme sayers like Atmosphere, Brother Ali, P.O.S., etc., but might have missed one of Minneapolis' most respected DIY duos and their latest self-released album that truly delivers grown-up hip-hop. Rappers MaD SoN and Big Jess of The Unknown Prophets, along with award-winning DJ Willy Lose, dropped Le System D in December, marking the trio's fourth studio album and this time boasting production by Doomtree's Lazerbeak, guest verses by Grieves, and New MC (a.k.a. Big Zach from Kanser) and songbird Alicia Steele. Taking its name from famous Chef Anthony Bourdain's term that refers to the blazing saddles method of cooking without over-thinking, Le System D is refreshingly down to earth with its pop-rock-rap fusion that covers ground ranging from the everyman's dealings with stress and crisis to raising a new family to kicking it with friends at favorite hangouts. MaD SoN and Jess even answer 2000's "will we make it?" standout single "Never" feat. Slug nine years later with "Forever" featuring Swedish MC Promoe and a slick Outkast sample. The song perfectly highlights the Prophets' matured, full-circle approach to championing the fickle and ever-changing music business by simply letting it ride and giving it your best.



rlt cover

The Road Less Traveled (2006)
The long awaited third full length release from Unknown Prophets. Nominated for the 2006 Minnesota Music Awards "Best Hip Hop Recording," featured in the film "Minneapolis in 19 Minutes Flat," and contains the UPs first ever music video, "Lord Please!" After more than three years since their last full length, the Prophets' surpass both fans and critics expectations and release their best work to date. Features production by Big Jess and Fero Navi (NY). Also features Stokley Williams of Mint Condition.
AVAILABLE NOW AT The Road Less Traveled  


wet cover

The W.E.T. EP (2003)
The W.E.T. EP was released as an EP to hold over fans until their next full length. The Prophets' showed both growth and determination with songs like "I Don't Expect You" "I Do It For", and "Look at Us Now" along with their playful side on the infectious crowd favorites, "Just Like You" and "Writer's Block."


nyk cover

Now You Know (2002)
Currently only available on ITUNES. Now You Know is the Prophets' sophomore release. Released back in 2002, NYK surprised fans with a new soulful side of production from producer Big Jess. The Prophets' also collaborated with underground hip hop artists, manCHILD of Mars Ill, Eyedea of E&A, and Musab of Rhymesayers. Includes the hit songs, "It Could Happen to You", "I Can't Make You", "All in My Head", and many more.


wp cover

World Premier (2000)
An Unknown Prophets essential! This is where it all started, the 'Prophets debut release which featured the infamous tracks "Never", "Wrong Route", "4 the Kidz", "Take it There", and "The Weekend"!!! Big Jess introduced his classical music influenced production beneath the genuine and honest lyrics of the Prophets'. Fellow Twin Cities artists, Slug, DJ Abilities, and Brother Ali also contribute their talents on this underground hip hop classic.
AVAILABLE NOW AT World Premier  


summer heat cover

Summer Heat maxi-single
Although Summer Heat was released at the end of the Summer of 05', it has been called the "Song that defined the Summer of 2006." With all too true lyrics and a catchy hook, Summer Heat is the new undisputed summer anthem!
AVAILABLE NOW AT Summer Heat maxi-single  


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MaD SoN "Peace Amongst the MaDness" (2004)
"The overall theme of this album seems to one part open letter to modern society asking where the morals, passion, and trust have gone and one part a vocalization of MaD SoNs journey as a musician as he struggles to answer these very questions,"-Max Filter/GetSomeNoise.com
MaD SoN-Peace Amongst the MaDness  


high rule cover

High Rule(2008)
The third solo release by MC/Producer Big Jess. On High Rule, Big Jess executes both rhymes and beats with the skills of a veteran. One of those albums you can play straight through from front to back. This is Big Jess' most prolific and personal album to date.
AVAILABLE NOW AT Big Jess - High Rule



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